I started blogging!

Hi! Welcome to my website!

This may or may not be the first thing you see on this blog. I don’t know yet: as you can see I just started. But I wanted to share my views with the world, so here I am!

What I will probably be talking about on my blog:
– books; because I love reading and have started writing reviews on goodreads (you can find me there if you like) a little while ago.
– movies and series; because I love watching & spending my evenings indoors (I know, sounds bad. But it’s so homely and comfortable!). I have never written reviews of series/movies so far, but would love to.
– photography; also a hobby of mine. If I have any pictures that I would like to share, I will probably do it here from now on!
– other random things that I can’t think of now, but may in the future. We’ll see!

Overall, I just want to thank you vor visiting my page. Please take a look around, and leave comments if you’d like!

Love XXX Annabel Rianne


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