21 reasons to love fall


Fall is officially here! It’s getting colder outside, it’s raining almost constantly… things you’d hate being a summer lover. But I love the cozy months a little bit more! Here’s a couple of reasons why I love fall!

  1. Staying at home in fall: I love being cozy and comfortable! In fall, it starts getting dark sooner. It’s so nice to be able to sit on the couch all evening, watching my favorite series of the moment or reading a nice book. Of course not without a nice cup of tea and a blankie!Fall4Source
  2. Fashion is so much nicer: in summer, dressing up is so boring. Always the same shirt, pants, or dress. In autumn & winter you can use many layers to alter your appearance. Also, I love draping myself in as many layers as I can (while still trying to look normal).
  3. Boots: I can wear boots again without people giving me looks! As it is never really summer throughout the months of july and august in the Netherlands, I kept wearing my boots this year. But in winter, I love them a little bit more.
  4. On a free day, I can sit on the couch and read books all day!
  5. Tea ❤ No more words needed.Fall1Source
  6. Baking is so much more fun when it’s cold outside. The smell of cinnamon in your kitchen, eating cake when it’s still warm…
  7. Every fall, a lot of new blockbusters enter the cinemas. I love watching movies, and I love the theater. So I can’t wait to see all those amazing movies! I for example can’t wait to see the Scorch Trials and the last Hunger Games, Mockingjay movie.
  8. Being able to wear my bathrobe around the house and be a giant teddybear!
  9. The crunching of the leaves while walking outside. When I was younger, I couldn’t walk the sidewalk normally: I jumped from leaf to leaf just to hear them crunch underneath my boots. And I have to confess sometimes I still act this crazy… I don’t think I’ll ever grow up!
  10. Drinking hot chocolate in cafés with my friends or family.
  11. Being able to light scented candles in my home
  12. Reading lots of books: because of the weather, I stay inside way more. Which is a perfect opportunity to spend my time reading!Fall7Source
  13. Every end of the year, the cities are lit up with cute ornaments and light decorations, for example the trees. I love how the city looks then and am a lot happier walking around in them in the evenings.
  14. In the Netherlands, we celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’ in december. It’s a lot like Santa Claus, but with different candies. And those candies are already sold in September! I love them, and eat them whenever I can. I love the ‘kruidnoten’ (little cookie balls, like gingerbread) and ‘schuimpjes’ (soft candies) the most!Fall10Source
  15. I can wear dark nail polishes again. I like dark colours the most!
  16. Sleeping is so much more comfortable when it isn’t so hot in your bedroom. I love stepping into a cold bed, and warming it up for myself. And no way that my boyfriend can come in and steal my warmth when he goes to bed later than I do… 😉
  17. I take better care of myself in this time of year: I use body lotions more often, use face cream, and take way more time to clean my face in the evening.
  18. Hot showers ❤
  19. Limited editions for body washes and lotions at Dove, The Body Shop, Rituals and so on.
  20. Christmas is around the corner! I can go Christmas shopping already (the first stores are opening up already), and in a little bit of time I am allowed to blast my favorite songs through the speakers again… I haven’t listened to them yet this year and I am really proud of myself! Don’t know how long I can keep up though.
  21. And lastly, the amazing colours outside! The orange leaves, on the ground and in the trees, I love them. I should go out and make some nice pictures of it this year… I haven’t made time for that the last couple of years! (Note to self…)Fall11Source

Why do you love fall?

Annabel Rianne


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